Commercial Applications


To the architect and building contractor, glass surface destruction means:
  • delays in construction
  • added costs for glass renovation and replacement
  • spoiled appearance of the structure.
To the owner of the building, it means:
  • higher maintenance costs
  • spoiled image
  • dissatisfied occupants or tenants

High specification glass is often used nowadays in building construction, bringing the cost of replacement even higher.
ClearShield 'Non-Stick' glass provides valuable protection before, during and after construction.
It reduces or eliminates damage during transport and storage as well as damage caused by construction materials. Subsequent maintenance is made easier and visual appeal is kept for much longer.
A simple and economical AfterCare program keeps ClearShield glass looking and performing like new, preventing loss of appearance and reduction in value of both ordinary and high specification glass.


Architects, interior designers and consumers specify decorative glass for many uses because of its unique visual appeal and design properties.

Other surfaces are normally protected against atmospheric pollution and other contaminants. But too often glass is left exposed, losing its original qualities and breaking its promise.
New sandblasted glass promises attractive and uniform appearance. Ordinary sandblasted glass breaks its promise when exposed to surface contamination such as finger marks.
ClearShield sandblasted glass resists contamination by finger marks, maintaining its original value and its intended beautiful appearance.
A simple and economical AfterCare program keeps ClearShield protected glass looking and performing like new.

ClearShield 'Non-Stick' Glass
  • Always much easier to clean, for more convenience
  • Low maintenance, on average cutting cleaning frequency by half, reduces costs
  • Stays in pristine condition longer, maintains visual appearance
  • Resists staining by finger marks, sandblasted surface resembles the satin look of acid-etched glass
  • Resists staining, holds original value for longer
  • Resists staining, maintains intended design and appearance

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