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International Projects

International Projects

Lloyd’s of London Building, UK

The owners of the Lloyd’s Building found that paint on the frame around the atrium was shedding and plating onto the glass and adhered to the surface, making cleaning extremely difficult. The glass was successfully converted to Low-M Glass. Today, the paint still flakes but thanks to ClearShield is easily wiped off and conventional cleaning methods are still sufficient to maintain the glass.

Lloyd’s Building Facilities Manager said, “We are very impressed with the ClearShield System, it has been extremely beneficial to our facilities management operation and we intend to carry on with the aftercare regime.


New Bangkok Airport, Thailand

The Second Bangkok International Airport features a modern steel, aluminium and glass architecture covering approximately 100,000m2.

The protection of glass during construction was a high priority for the construction company and specified the application of the ClearShield surface finish prior to installation.

ClearShield helped to reduce costs and delays on the construction site by protecting the glass from cement, concrete and construction dust.

Once the airport was fully open, the ClearShield system will still resist staining from the jet exhaust fumes and other contaminants and remain easier to clean.

Hitaveita Suðurnesja Powerplant, Iceland

For many years, harsh chemicals were required to clean the glass at this geothermal powerplant. Glass easily became opaque due to the severe silica contamination.

Despite frequent cleaning, the glass would quickly become dirty again. In addition, with the introduction of the ISO 9001 standard in 1990, the glass had to be cleaner to meet the required standard. An effective alternative had to be found, and ClearShield was the unique solution. Glass treated with ClearShield in the factory was therefore installed for significantly easier maintenance.










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